Plastic Planet launches at NTU

In April, Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainable Development Team launched the Plastic Planet campaign with engagement stalls at City, Clifton and Brackenhurst campuses. The aim of the campaign is to work with other departments, as well as with students and staff, to encourage positive behaviour changes that reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic used around NTU.

During the launch week, we asked students and staff to make a ‘Plastic Pledge’ – a small change they could make such as switching to a bamboo toothbrush or refusing plastic straws. Everyone that got involved entered our raffle to win plastic-reducing prizes such as lunch boxes and reusable water bottles.

PP 1

We also asked for feedback on what NTU could do better. The University uses many different plastic items for all types of purposes so it is useful to hear from people that have noticed potential improvements. Many people we spoke to highlighted their concerns over the disposables used in the Dine outlets. The catering department is currently liaising with the Sustainable Development Team while exploring recyclable and biodegradable options and they are very keen to make sustainable changes wherever appropriate. Additionally, the water point locations are now on the Sustainability webpages and we are planning to install new water points to reduce the demand for bottled drinks.


Going forward, the Sustainable Development Team will be exploring providing reusable water bottles and coffee cups at the start of the academic year. We also hope to host waste reducing events to engage students, staff and the public, such as zero waste shops/stalls, and we will continue to work with other departments to encourage positive changes. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email We hope to make a big difference to the amount of single-use plastic seen around NTU so watch this space!


-This blog post was written by Kate Divey-Matthews the Environmental Engagement Assistant in the Sustainable Development Team at NTU. Many thanks from the Green Academy! 

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