This blog is run by the NTU Green Academy – a team that aims to ensure everyone at NTU is able to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to shape a more sustainable future. Armed with the right knowledge and skills, NTU graduates are capable of contributing to a better world. NTU is committed to sending students out into the world as global citizens, who are sustainability literate and have an appreciation of social and cultural diversity.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) came into action in January 2016 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and took over from the Millennium Development Goals as the UN working framework for sustainable development. The 17 goals were developed after the final outcome of the Rio+20 Conference, The Future We Want (2012) and adopted by more than 150 world leaders at the UN Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. The goals and underlying targets aim to create change in 5 critical areas: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

Watch the video below for an overview of the goals:

This blog aims to showcase and share knowledge about the many achievements of both staff and students across the schools at NTU and also to encourage and inspire more people to be actively working towards a more sustainable future and also the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Do you know of any ways NTU is working towards achieving these goals? If so then we would love to hear from you! Sustainability can be anything from cake recipes with local ingredients to a research project into gender equality. Big or small it’s worth shouting about! Email us your ideas today at GreenAcademy@ntu.ac.uk

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