Vegetarian Month Challenge!

Did you know it’s national Vegetarian Week is 15th – 22nd May? The Environment Team at NTU are challenging ourselves to go Vegetarian for the whole month of May to show our support!

Vegetarian week

Not only is a balanced vegetarian diet a healthy choice as it is low in fat, high in complex carbohydrates and packed with a variety of fruits and vegetables but it is also much more environmentally friendly than the diet of a meat lover.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction and is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.

To put that into perspective 13% of greenhouse gas emissions are from transport vehicles (e.g. cars, trains, planes) and 51% of greenhouse gas emissions are from livestock and their by-products.

Therefore, having a plant-based diet can cut your carbon footprint by 50%!

carbon footprint


Around 12% of the UK have already taken the plunge and become vegetarian or vegan, that is around 1 in 8 people! Think you can do it? Take the challenge with us and keep us updated on your progress by tagging us in social media or emailing us on Need some help? Get in touch with the NTU Vegetarian Society on


env team
We will be documenting our journey through vegetarian month on our Instagram (ntu_sustainability), Twitter (@NTUEnvironment) and Facebook (@NTUSustainability) pages. Keep a look out for our recipes and meals as well as promotion for our vegetarian themed market on the 16th with lots of free tasters!


-Thank you to Robyn, an Environmental Engagement Assistant from the NTU Environment Team for writing this blog post! 

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