NTU awarded for embedding social responsibility and sustainability into the curriculum!

NTU and NTSU have received the Responsible Futures accreditation from the NUS for successfully working to embed sustainability and social responsibility into both the formal and informal curriculum for all our students.


The scheme, launched in 2014 has so far seen 21 universities and Students’ Unions across the UK take part. Achieving this accreditation recognises the institution’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Here at NTU, we are committed to giving our students the right skills and knowledge to become responsible, global citizens that will contribute to positive change in the future.

We signed up to the scheme in 2015 and have since been working very hard to fulfil 46 different criteria, all relating to how we are working to embed themes such as environmental protection, social equality and economic prosperity within all courses and everyday activities at the university and in the Students’ Union. The NTU Green Academy team have led on this project, together with representatives from NTSU and the Environment Team and with support from students and colleagues across the whole university.

A huge thank you to all students, academics and staff who have contributed their time and energy to this, we could not have done it without you! An extra big thank you to our amazing student auditors, who led our audit during two very hectic but rewarding days in November last year.


-Thank you to Lina Erlandsson, who is an Education for Sustainable Development Officer in the NTU Green Academy, for writing this blog post!

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